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I like this startup idea though IMHO they probably are doing right thing for the wrong reason (not sure it matters in this case). The allows people to upload photos of their dented fenders etc. and have local bodyshops give estimates and bid on the repairs. It’s seems to be a win-win: More business for body shop owners, and – solving the real pain: making it ultra convenient to get estimates to repair your car’s damage. If you’ve ever hadf to go through this process, you know what a real pain this is for car owners.

Body Shop Bids – Auto body shops and car repair estimates made easy.


 I just love startups that combine the power of collective intelligence (crowdsourcing) with social and local.   There’s a goldmine of services yet to be invented., but here’s one! …


Community car-pooling platform connects owners with local renters | Springwise

The Car Club enables car owners to earn money by renting their unused car out to those seeking one in the area, for a cheaper price than standard car hire companies.