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I got an email from Foursquare a few weeks ago, that started off with:

First off, thanks for believing in our little startup as we try to build an awesome service for you. You were one of the first hundred thousand members of our community (to be exact, you’re member #39,755)! You can tell your grandkids that you were a 21st century trendsetter! They’ll look at you in amazement as they cruise by on their hoverboards.

Actually I am a little amazed that they don’t have a badge or other icon that indicates the (relatively) low member number – unless they are worried about alienating late-mainstream members.

There’s nothing like a having a low badge number in a big company

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A few weeks ago I gave the introduction to an MIT Enterprise Forum “summit” on Gamification. I’m almost embarrassed relive this or post it: They invited me to speak because of my background and ‘expertise’ in Game Theory. Game Theory is the foundation of the modern flavor-of-the-month: “Gamification”, but today Gamification uses very little of the science of game theory. But it’s a start …

CJ Cornell’s Speech at MITEF Phoenix from Jon Minott on Vimeo.

CJ Cornell Interview from Jon Minott on Vimeo.