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Fragile Egg


I love reading Paul Graham.  Heck, everyone loves reading Paul Graham’s writings on entrepreneurship and investing.  The two best thing things about the Y-Combinator founder’s essays are:  1) They are intensely insightful – from his broad and deep understanding of the startup experience, and 2) They are indeed essays as opposed to the pithy, all-fluff-and-no-substance “5 things you need to know” posts that dominate the web – especially on the subject of entrepreneurship.

Below is a particularly insightful section from his recent “Do Things that Don’t Scale” essay:
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A surprisingly inspirational commencement speech, with important lessons – delivered humorously – from Twitter CEO Dick Costello:



After I spoke about Crowdfunding:  Past, Present and Future, at the Arizona Innovation Summit, FunditTV decided to conduct a video interview.   During the interview, I talk a bit about my new Crowdfunding initiative, called Propel Arizona.

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I can predict it with near certainty. In every single conversation I have with an entrepreneur, or rather with a first-time entrepreneur, it becomes very apparent they place an comically high value on the one, single, good idea that they have. Whether they say it out loud (“this is a billion dollar idea!”) or by asking me to sign an NDA before I even know their name, they are clearly implying their idea, the thought, carries all the value.

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Brilliant and spot-on, as usual, from Scott Adams’ Dilbert:




I got an email from Foursquare a few weeks ago, that started off with:

First off, thanks for believing in our little startup as we try to build an awesome service for you. You were one of the first hundred thousand members of our community (to be exact, you’re member #39,755)! You can tell your grandkids that you were a 21st century trendsetter! They’ll look at you in amazement as they cruise by on their hoverboards.

Actually I am a little amazed that they don’t have a badge or other icon that indicates the (relatively) low member number – unless they are worried about alienating late-mainstream members.

There’s nothing like a having a low badge number in a big company

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Even if you are under 30 or even under 25, most of us don’t realize for forget how much technology has changed our lives and society in such an incredibly short time. This video really makes the point with some familiar examples:

Killed by Tech via @equalman – YouTube