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The other day I was asked to write an article for PBS’s Journalism and Innovation site (PBS – Mediashift) – on the subject of “Who is a Journalist?” spurred on by the recent and reoccurring debate on ‘what is journalism’, in the digital age:

MediaShift Idea Lab . After Crystal Cox Verdict, It’s Time to Define Who Is a Journalist | PBS

Last month, the Crystal Cox verdict re-energized a debate among journalism’s most passionate and articulate thought leaders and professionals by begging the question: Who is a journalist? Just about anyone with a laptop or cell phone can use free technology to create quality media and reach audiences larger than any newspaper or television network. Indeed, we are all publishers now. But are we all journalists now, too?

The article explored some of the issues surrounding the legal definition of “journalist”, as opposed to any more casual definitions floating around. Apparently some took issue with my assertion that there needs to me a specific definition of “journalist.” The interesting part is that the feedback came mostly from those who would describe themselves as journalists. Their contention was, citing The First Amendment’s free speech and free press protections, that anyone can be called a journalist. Apparently any definition limiting who is recognized a journalist – particularly in the eyes of the law – was an affront to The First Amendment, apple pie and the American way.

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An Interview that PBS/Mediashift did with and me and my colleague, Dan Gillmor, about the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship.

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