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CJ Cornell Interview on Phoenix People


Interview last month for “Phoenix People“. Interesting to see how a one hour interview gets condensed into a few sound bites. Unflattering photos : ) – but honored to be showcased like this.






After I spoke about Crowdfunding:  Past, Present and Future, at the Arizona Innovation Summit, FunditTV decided to conduct a video interview.   During the interview, I talk a bit about my new Crowdfunding initiative, called Propel Arizona.

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A few weeks ago I gave the introduction to an MIT Enterprise Forum “summit” on Gamification. I’m almost embarrassed relive this or post it: They invited me to speak because of my background and ‘expertise’ in Game Theory. Game Theory is the foundation of the modern flavor-of-the-month: “Gamification”, but today Gamification uses very little of the science of game theory. But it’s a start …

CJ Cornell’s Speech at MITEF Phoenix from Jon Minott on Vimeo.

CJ Cornell Interview from Jon Minott on Vimeo.

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