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    • Is there a way to get an RSS feed for my questions and answers? January 26, 2017
      CJ Cornellclick on your quora profile photo and get your Quora user ID (if you don’t already know it … it will be at the end of the URL in the address bar after you click. FOr instance, looks likehttps: // www. quora. com/profile/CJ-Cornell(so my user ID is CJ-Cornell) CJ Cornell2. then… depending on what […]
    • Would VCs ever invest in a two-founder startup? December 12, 2016
      CJ CornellYou mean like:Apple (Woz and Jobs)Microsoft (Bill Gates, Paul Allen)Yahoo (Jerry Yang, David Filo)Google (Larry Page, Sergey Brin)Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes )Sun Microsystems (Andy Bechtolsheim, Bill Joy, Scott McNealy, Vinod Khosla)AirBnB (Brian Chesky,Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharczyk)Uber (Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp)and thousands of others?See Questions On Quora
    • What could Sun Microsystems have done to avoid its fate? November 10, 2016
      CJ CornellKeep Scott McNealy at the Helm.See Questions On Quora
    • How do you define business development? September 23, 2016
      CJ CornellBusiness Development is often confused with sales or marketing.Here are the definitions / semantics. Note that, while inside smaller companies the same person takes on multiple roles at different times (such a VP or CEO) - it is still important to know the difference:Sales = Transactions. Sales is responsible for selling a specific product […]
    • What am I doing wrong while raising seed money? September 17, 2016
      CJ CornellWhat am I doing wrong while raising seed money?I sent a pitch deck to 6 Vc’s via email 2 weeks ago.The short answer: Everything.Longer answer - by asking a hypothetical question:What if a college guy asked “Why can’t I find a girlfriend? I slipped notes under the doors of 6 girls near my dorm. […]
    • Why are investors annoyed when founders compare their startup to Uber? September 9, 2016
      CJ CornellBecause it’s like being a judge on The Voice, and having every single contestant claiming they are the next Elvis … or the Sinatra of rap (pick any one of a kind music icon). Or that your band is the next Beatles. First, it gets annoying to hear everyone say it, and second, there’s […]
    • How do I find a startup accelerator? September 1, 2016
      CJ CornellHere’s an online database of accelerators (and lots of other info about them:)http://www.seed-db.com/acceleratorsalso the recent accelerator report by Gust has valuable info too:Global Accelerator Report 2015 by GustSee Questions On Quora
    • How long did it take to build or compose a pitch deck (for your startup)? August 31, 2016
      CJ CornellI’m going to assume the OP wants a more direct answer and not a tutorial with tips and tricks.Every time I start a new company (or am working with a startup) - assuming we’re not thinking up the company as we’re writing the pitch deck - I’d estimate something like:20–30 man hours (ie - […]
    • How do I start a crowd funding site/company? August 31, 2016
      CJ CornellThere’s a difference between starting a crowdfunding site vs. a crowdfunding company. I assume you want to do both, but they are dramatically different tasks. And most important - is I assume you want to start and run a successful crowdfunding site and company. That’s a lot harder - but you need to think […]
    • What is Sun Microsystems, when and where was it founded? August 30, 2016
      CJ CornellI wasn’t going to answer this because there are so many former Sun employees who were there at the beginning, around to answer - and this info is so well known, that a simple web search or wikipedia search will give the right answer. But since no one else has chimed in, here are […]
  • Quick #Entrepreneurship Poll: Would you start a company if the original big idea came from someone else? 1. Yes 2. No.

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    Quick #Entrepreneurship Poll: Would you start a company if the big idea came from someone else? 1. Yes 2. No. - just reply w/1 or 2 thanks! - Pollowers - Twitter polls

    Quick #Entrepreneurship Poll: Would you start a company if the big idea came from someone else? 1. Yes 2. No. - just reply w/1 or 2 thanks!


    Attended a Board meeting this morning - held in a Casino. Made $50 waiting to start. Maybe a new idea for @startupboards best practices.


    Hey all. I'm writing a piece and am struggling for an adjective to describe a "young Steve Jobs" (as the general public might perceive or envision him). I don't mean an adjective to describe his 'qualities' (e.g. driven, visionary) - but more - if you observed the younger, unknown Steve Jobs for 15 minutes and were to describe him to someone else, in a word.
    Any takers?


    History repeats itself in Arizona.


    aaaaaaand ..... what happens later when I donate it to Goodwill?  ; ) 

    Suit features integrated wearable payment


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